Why us?

Below are our top 5 reasons to choose Silicon Valley Kitchen Rental to make your food dreams a reality!
1. Our commissary kitchen rental enables you not to worry about any extra bills- such as: electricity, contractors, security, sewage, pest control, building codes, and more.

2. We have the commercial-grade equipment you need. We maintain and repair as needed.

3. With our professional shared-use commercial kitchen, you aren’t just getting a place to cook. You’re getting a family of chefs, food producers, caterers, and other like-minded businesses to exchange advice, guide you, and build camaraderie.

4. Our commercially – licensed kitchen makes it easy for you to stay compliant. You will have peace of mind knowing you won’t get shut down by the health inspector.

5. Silicon Valley kitchen Rental can also provide additional such services as: office space and demo space that help expand your business rapidly. You’re the food expert. We can help your business scale!